giovedì 12 dicembre 2013

Ross Barkley proves he is more

Liverpool-born Ross Barkley, 20, has risen through the Everton ranks to become not only a key player for his side and a high hope for the future of English football. Barkley's fame is growing and he gained a comparison to Wayne Rooney. Everton boss Roberto Martinez and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker saw a bit of Paul Gascoigne in him. But Barkley is more physical and has impressed all with his strength, driving runs and attacking threat. Barkley is a new prototype of the attacking midfielders of the '90s: solid and sized players with good speed and the ability to play simple passes. But Barkley’s main quality is his movement. He’s constantly in motion, varying his position to drag opponents out. Against Man Utd and Arsenal, Martinez lined up Barkley again in the advanced midfield position. He played at the top of the midfield triangle featuring Gareth Barry and James McCarthy and adjusted his position to cooperate with the wide attacking-midfielders Steven Pienaar and Kevin Mirallas. He was a constant threat against Mikel Arteta, finding spaces between Arsenal’s lines. Against Arsene Wenger's side, Barkley showed to be a key part of Everton's fluid, attacking game. His display were highly impressive. Surely Barkley has still to improve, specially on assists. He rarely produced the viable through-balls that could exploit Romeu Lukaku's runs in behind the defence. But we are just at the beginning of his career. Barkley has made 15 appearances for Everton this season, scoring two goals and positioning himself as the key player to link midfield and attack into the passing game Martinez built.

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