martedì 24 dicembre 2013

Dennis te Kloese fired from Chivas organization

Two days before Christmas this year and Chivas owner Jorge Vergara fired sporting president Dennis te Kloese after just one year in charge. te Kloese, who held the same role with Chivas de Guadalajara, was fired after a poor 2013 season in which Chivas USA finished last in the Western Conference while Guadalajara ended their season at the bottom of Liga MX. te Kloese departure, following that of Chivas USA sporting director Francisco Palencia and Chivas USA head coach Jose Luis Real, added turmoil to a Chivas USA team that, after starting out 3-1-1 in 2013, collapsed producing 14 games without a win, despite head coach change and the arrival of former U.S. national team captain Carlos Bocanegra and young Mexican Erick Torres. Issue s continued off-field as the team struggled to attract spectators and finished last in the MLS in attendance and there was no local television deal in place for the first 25 games of the season. Despite that, Vergara doesn't take the holidays off as Chivas USA traded for Seattle midfielder Mauro Rosales, and acquired Portland defender Andrew Jean-Baptiste. By the way, with the MLS combine and SuperDraft less than a month away CHivas USA still have to name a new head coach. Until now, Vergara's plan to made Chivas USA an “extension of Chivas Guadalajara,” didn't work. Chivas haven’t made the playoffs since 2009. Vergara needs of a plan working out to fix the situation. And MLS too have to work a plan to help Chivas USA, if Don Garber wants to keep a second team in LA. Right now, Chivas USA is a team linked with instability lacking of a true club's philosophy. Chivas USA suffered a roster upheaval that put a lot of Mexican-born playerson the team. But both Chivas USA team and coaching staff had little or no MLS experience. That was a problem. Chivas Guadalajara comes before Chivas USA on Vergara's mind. It doesn't work. To bring on success to his MLS side, Vergara has to build a core of his team around MLS veterans, such as Chicago did hiring Frank Yallop or Montreal picking Frank Klopas. Building from within MLS seems to be a better way to find success.

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