mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

Watford appoint Giuseppe Sannino

Watford surprisely have confirmed the appointment of Giuseppe Sannino as head coach just two days after Gianfranco Zola resigned from the position. Zola left the team on a run of nine League games without a win and with eight points short of the play-off zone. Sannino was out of job since his former club sacked him. the Pozzo family, club’s owners, wanted to maintain Watford’s links with their home country as they did during Zola's tenure, when a lot of players was loaned from Serie A team Udinese. Sannino will be by an Italian staff featuring assistant coaches Francesco Troise, Giovanni Cusatis and Paolo De Toffol. It also has been reported that Alfredo Sebastiani, a youth team coach at FC Sudtirol, in the third tier of Italian football, will join Watford’s coaching staff. He worked alongside Sannino at FC Sudtriol seasons ago. Sannino is a veteran coach with a lot of experience under his belt. Otherwise, he rarely coached on big stages. He faced his first big task replacing the departing Antonio Conte at Siena. He lead his team to survive relegation as well as reaching the Coppa Italia semifinals. His following stints weren’t so good. He was sacked at Palermo after achieving just one point out from the opening 3 games. Then the unsuccessful gig at Chievo came. Sannino rarely favored an entertaining brand of football building functional but highly effective sides. While Sannino has generally used a 4-4-2 system during his career, he sometimes switched to 3-5-2 this season.  His reactive strategy often paid off.  Is this a risky appointment by Watford? Of course, but the same was with the appointment of Zola. Time will tell if he will be able to bring new enthusiasm to Watford.

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