sabato 14 aprile 2012

Pro League focuses on issues

How can Pro League become more attractive? There have been rumours this week that the Pro League Committee is considering adding two teams next season switching from a 12 to a 14 teams format. But are you sure it could produce more attendance, and more television deals? And, above all, a better competition? Some of second division teams are in bad shape regarding economics and play style. So which teams we can add? Also, we don't know if there are more young, talented Emirati players whorty a chance to play in the Pro League. For sure is that Pro League needs to expand its fan base. The first Pro League issue is about attendance. Actually, the League failed to reach the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) target of 5,000 average spectators for game. Not sure that upgrading to 14 teams would benefit the Pro League. Quality and not quantity is the solution. But you never know...

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