giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Diego Maradona's state of mind

Diego Maradona's stint as Pro League head coach could be coming to an end after just one season. Despite one year still remaining in his contract, the Argentine made clear that he is not willing to continue unless the Al Wasl's management meet his conditions on signing the players he wants. Al Wasl is in sixth place in the Pro League, 18 points behind Al Ain, and failed to reach Maradona's goals. Results aside, can the Pro League continues without him? The 2011/12 season has seen Maradona clashing with Cosmin Olariou and Quique Flores; with some fans; with his own players, criticized for team's bad performances. But, on the other side, Maradona brought on the club international attention and money. As any manager, Maradona deserves to ask better players to made his team competitive. He wanted six players during last winter transfer window, but only two has come. Questions is if Al Wasl Football Company has the money or wants to spend it to deal those requests. Also, managing a club in the league is a full-time job. Maybe Maradona could be considering to work with the national team; the Football Association already expressed interest in Maradona.

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