giovedì 25 agosto 2011

Some tactical views on Thai

After the final cut, Winfried Schaefer lead a 23 players roster in the training camp in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers matches against Australia and Oman. Thailand seems a team built to run a 4x4x2 formation. Certainly, Schaefer could make tactical changes for the Australia matches. "The players must be able to play in any formation, whether it is 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, since the situation in either half could be different,” Schaefer once said. By the way the coach admitted that a 4-4-2 may be the best choice for Thailand. And that was against Palestine. Also against Myanmar Schaefer started with Teerasil and Kirati Keawsombut up front, in a 4x4x2 formation but then switched to a 4x3x3 in the second half. Looking back to Palestine match, what we learned? Thailand tried to play high tempo football. On the otuside situations, they searched too much to look to the ball, flattening the back line too much  toward the goal and leaving free the forwards. Team was organized in a 4x4x2 based on the wings play, with insertions from behind by the central midfielders, specially captain Puritat Jarikanon, the real playmaker. But both central midfielders are playmakers and are utilized to change the offensive front. The choice of Puritat Jarikanon in midfield was unexpected due to injuries that prevent him to make the club starting lineup this season. Weak physically, they play on the ground, putting emphasis on short passes more then on the 1 vs 1 situations. It’s a possession football. Try to attack on one side just to change the offensive front if the spaces are closed there. Try to gain the ball immediately after they lost it: in any case, try to play with a very high difensive back line. By the way, they are weak and unbalanced when the first line of pressure was overcomed. Specially on the flanks are weak on the counterattacks. We will see if changes will happen against a more physical opponent like Australia is.

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