mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Le Guen selected

Coach Paul Le Guen selected a a 22-man squad for the World Cup qualifying matches against Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Australia also is in the mix. Le Guen picked Wigan’s goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi, who has strong reputation and experience. The camp will start on August 23. The complete list is: Ali al Habsi, Mohammed Huwaidi, Ismail al Ajmi, Hassan Mudhaffar, Ahmed Mubarak ‘Kanu’, Fauzi Basheer, Imaad al Hosni, Ahmed Hadeed, Faiz Rushaidi, Hassan Rabee’a, Qasim Masoud, Abdulrahman Saleh, Mohammed Saleh, Eid al Farsi, Ahmed Saleem, Saad Suhail, Nasser al Ali, Hamoud al Saadi, Rashid al Farsi, Hashim Saleh, Abdullah al Handasi, Mohammed She’eba. Former Rangers and Paris St. Germain manager succeeded to Frenchman Claude Leroy after last Gulf Cup. Le Roy took over Oman after Uruguay's Julio Cesar Ribas in June 2008 and leaded the team in the Gulf Cup win in January 2009. He did a great job for Oman, but right now the team has to move forward. Le Guen's first goal will be to improve team's attitude. Some flashes came from the 1-1 friendly against Barhain on August 13 where the team's display was good.

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