venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Ryan Giggs' success is about man management

David Moyes defensive style was a key factor in his sacking by Manchester United and interim manager Ryan Giggs will have to fix it. Scot’s approach relying on defensive shape and constant crosses from the flanks were predictable. Moyes’s training methods also has been questioned for being lengthy and tedious. Players were accustomed to training with the ball under Ferguson while they were now being asked to improve their fitness in much more classic physically demanding training routines. But above all Giggs will have to take care of man-management. Coaching at higher level have a lot to do with man-management. It a clear fact as you have to deal with adult players that know what they want in terms of training and playing.  Giggs knows he has to be adaptable as he once stated. And man-management is an area to be improved and where Giggs will have to show this flexibility. Moyes' classe with players, notably Rio Ferdinand, Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley, Ashley Young and Chris Smalling, were well documented. Clearing out former coaching staff of Mike Phelan, Rene Meulensteen and Eric Steele and bringing in his lieutenants from Everton didn’t help Moyes to be accepted by Manchester Uited’s dressing room. Giggs will have to do better here than Moyes if he doesn’t want struggle. His first comments suggest he could be more of a man-to-man coach. That could be draw benefits for Manchester United’s players. A group of Premier League players is a hard crowd to deal with. They are critical of your training sessions and methods. Just ask to Paolo Di Canio, who struggled this season to run his way with less demanding players at Sunderland. Handling multi-millionaires with a big ego and managing every aspect of their needs, from contracts to their tactical requests - remember the famous Robin van Persie’s quote claiming that  team-mates was "occupying the spaces I want" - is a key aspect of the job. Andre Villas-Boas’ lack of flexibility and man management tools cost him the job with Spurs this season. What Giggs have to be impressive with is definitely man management.

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