lunedì 21 aprile 2014

Decision on Frank Farina's future expected

Sydney FC's  season is finally over after Melbourne Victory knocked them out with a 2-1 win. Frank Farina's tenure will came under scrutiny after his team put too much up and down. while fans across the country could wonder whether it has seen the last of Farina, the coach defended how the team had performed this season, suggesting they played better than the media and public think. Farina's future should be evaluated in term of results and performances. The problem for Sydney were  inconsistency. Let me explain it: Farina doesn’t give his team a clear identity as the Sky Blues’ season was a rollercoaster in term of shape and formation. Entering this pre-season thoughts was Sydney was ready to move to a 4-3-3 formation. But since the A-League season started, Farina abruptly moved to a 4-2-3-1 system featuring two midfielders sitting deep. With this formation, we have seen the No. 6 coming into a deeper position with the centre-backs splitting to have a three-man back line with an extra man in the buildup.When they faced Melbourne Victory on Australia Day, Farina switched to a 4-4-2 diamond formation, with Terry McFlynn sitting at the bottom of the diamond and with Alessandro Del Piero up top. But when Sydney faced Melbourne once again in the A-League quarter-final, Farina changed again, coming back to the same 4-3-3 that earned his side two consecutive wins over Perth and Wellington, lining up Alessandro Del Piero as false nine. Farina seemed to have more belief and faith in principles than in tactical shapes as he tried to add an extra man in midfield at any coast, although it meant change his side’s formation any time. In effect,  Farina once affirmed that “99 times out of a hundred the game is won in the middle of the park”. Questions can be also raised about the way Farina utilized Del Piero. Although the great impact Del Piero had on and off the pitch for the A-League is undeniable, how he fitted into Sydney FC wasn’t clear. More a striker than a trequartista, Farina made him operating as a No. 10 between the lines of midfield and defence when Sydney was playing a diamond in midfield. Otherwise, we have seen Del Piero operating as wide left forward in a 4-3-3 formation as it happened in the game against Adelaide. At the end, as pointed earlier, Farina assigned the Italian a false nine spot. Former Juventus star was never Farina's pick. When Farina played Del Piero, Sydney defend with 10 men and didn’t play the "high tempo" style Farina spoke about when he get the job. The answer to these questions isn’t obvious and discussions have to be had.  However, Farina has been able to get out results although it didn’t eliminate the final question. In fact, while chief executive Tony Pignata once detailed the team’s expected football philosophy, suggesting that club favored a pro-active style of football, based on possession, Farina likes a more direct brand of football, with his team sitting deep and counter-attacking. If it goes along with team’s fans and board of direction football expectations remains to be seen.

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