sabato 22 febbraio 2014

MLS takes over Chivas USA: what next?

Thursday afternoon, MLS announced that it has purchased Chivas USA from Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes. The league’s announcement closes a 10 years era opened in 2005 when Vergara get off to MLS in the way to spread out the brand of Chivas de Guadalajara. But the idea of a US-based counterpart of Mexican powerhouse never materialized as 10 seasons of futility, front-office upheaval and constant roster changes damaged Chivas brand in Los Angeles. Vergara failed to boost Chivas USA as he didn't enough to made it in a position to succeed. The club failed to attract more Latino fans and the attendance in 2013 dropped to a league-low average of just 8,366 fans per game. It wasn’t the only embarrassment Vergara brought to MLS as team’s owner went on embarrassing the league again when race discrimination lawsuits was filed against the club’s tentative to build the program around Spanish ethnicity. So, where the team will reside beyond this season? The MLS plan is to administer the team in the existing Chivas identity, making it a viable franchise and looking for a potential ownership group to buy the franchise. MLS Commissioner Don Garber seemed committed to keeping the team in Los Angeles as MLS remains committed to have two teams there. To do it they need of a new stadium in the Los Angeles area to become next Chivas' home as the shared venue of the StubHub Center, where Chivas and LA Galaxy actually play, affected Chivas USA potential. Speculation immediately raised involving Colorado Rapids owner Stan Kroenke, who purchased 60 acres in Inglewood, Calif. recently. But Garber pointed out that MLS is unfavorable to allow single owner to own multiple teams. The same Vergara couldn't handle two clubs at once. It will be interesting how Garber will be approach this transition here.

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