martedì 17 settembre 2013

Sunderland boss Paolo Di Canio brought on Lee Cattermole

Paolo Di Canio and Lee Cattermole have reached an agreement that give Sunderland's former captain a chance to re-establish himself as team’s key central midfielder. "We have to be honest, he wasn't in the plan," said Sunderland's manager. "But last week I spoke with him for half an hour. Man to man. I told him to have a future here he had to convince me because my regime is completely different to what he had until last year.”The team’s bad situation helped Di Canio to make this decision. Cattermole’s discipline on and off field raises some questions as the ten yellow cards and one red he recorded last season testified. But he’s got the skills to be the technical, British midfielder, Di Canio was looking for since this summer. His last season pass accuracy of 85% is better than the 76% the overall Sunderland team registered this campaign. And his passing ability made him a more accurate playmaker than other midfielders as Sebastian Larsson or David Vaughan. He definitely can pass the ball. And, with 65.7% of Cattermole's passes going forwards, he could be the needed playmaker able to link midfield and attack, which lacked the past three games. He can made accurate passes both in his own half and in the attacking half. Cattermole, who was captain under Steve Bruce and Martin O’Neill, can be the type of player Di Canio needs to re-shape the midfield at Sunderland.

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