venerdì 13 settembre 2013

About Roy Hodgson's counter-attacking plan

So, Roy Hodgson hits back at Gary Lineker and defended long-ball tactics as he pointed out that he set his England team to play long-ball football in the World Cup qualifier against Ukraine. Hodgson recognized he had given his team orders not to build from the back and instead to hit it long to Rickie Lambert as soon as possible, bypassing midfield. Against Ukraine’s high pressing game, Hodgson gave his players instructions to play the long ball. Former forward Gary Lineker described this tactics as "woeful". Make it sense? Hodgson is the manager and if he thought his players wasn’t suited enough to retain the control of the ball, he did well finding another way to attack asking his players to aim for Rickie Lambert and go for the second ball. Often blamed for his tactics ideas to play with two banks of four, Hodgson tried to play a more modern 4-5-1 formation still relying on defending play. Hodgson is not focused about a ball retention brand of football as his game plan sticks on the fast-break. Hodgson didn't attempt to change things during his coaching career. He's a manager focused on strong defensive effort, poor ball retention and quick attacking play. With Wayne Rooney, Daniel Sturridge and Danny Welbeck out, Hodgson went for this old and basic attacking strategy. England are unlikely to become a ball-playing team under him but FA knew it when they appointed former Fulham manager. The criticism on Hodgson’s play style make no sense also because Steven Gerrard and Jack Wilshere arer more suited for a direct approach than a ball retention game. Also, play defensively and rely on transitions is another way to win game. You can criticise it or praise it but these are opinions, like the same Hodgson affirmed. It isn’t a shame try to win the games  through. Other teams builttheir legacy playing long balls and Ukraine too played more long balls than England. You can question the fact that England is England and they deserve something different. But it requires different players and not just a different approach. Maybe players like Michael Carrick would help the team maintain ball control. A midfield paring Carrick and Frank Lampard will be less careless on the ball.

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