mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

Del Piero signed

Getting Alessandro del Piero is the highest, biggest and hot move made by an A-League franchise. What his signature could mean for the team? Sydney has a large, Italian community , fans base. A lot of them will pay to see Del Piero on the pitch or via TV. The attention will rise now that they landed one of the 125 greatest players of all-time – according to FIFA. But Sydney’s signature of Del Piero could have also a big impact on football in the Australia, such as David Beckham’s arrival had on USA. Add a player such Del Piero should add more pressure on you to achieve a succesful season:  “I dont worry it will be a pleasure for me and our staff to work with him, in Australia there is always pressure on Sydney FC to be successful,”  Sydney’s manager Ian Cook told us. This impact isn’t about money, but about an increase of football appeal in the country. He will be massive in this country. Everywhere we go people will come just to watch him,“ Cook isad. Sure, money is involved with Del Piero ready to sign the most expensive contract for an A-League players at $2 million for a six months stint. But who cares? Signing a player like that could represent the needed step for A-League to grow up and answer to the criticism. “It means everything, he will have a huge impact on the game in Australia. Already the news of his signing has been regarded as the biggest coup in Australian sports history”, Cook added. About the money issue,  the Sky Blues are rich enough to land Del Piero at his condition, after they proposed a three-year $6.2 million contract to Harry Kewell few months ago. The overall quality of the A-League could rise, convincing the other owners to spend  more to attract other big players. Del Piero’s move to Sydney is a done deal and Australians beat out contenders like as Celtic and Totthenam, that showed interest on signing him. The idea to play in the Champions League once again wasn’t so strong on Del Piero’s mind, such as it was for Raul when he left Real Madrid to sign with Shalke 04. Sydney can offer him the best in term of life quality.  How employ him into the starting line up? I will speak to him and go through our structure and where we both believe will be the best position for him to be able to perform at his best for our club, we have been working hard in pre season on our tactical shape,we have 11 new signings in our squad so we are trying to blend them in to our system. Up to now the players have been excellent,” Cook said. All Asutralia has to be happy for the Italian superstar’s decision.

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