domenica 6 maggio 2012

King Dalglish

His chances of staying failed after Chelsea hold on to win FA Cup. Kenny Dalglish's tenure at Anfield Road seems to be near to an end. Tactically Dalglish's system essentially is based on a classic  4-4-2 with  two pure wingers or with a classic one on a flank and a midfielder on the other. He employed it on his previous stints with Blackburn, Newcastle and Celtic. By the way, this season Dalglish had surprisingly lined up system with 3 midfielders, i.e. against Man Utd and Totthenam, to face rivals lined up with three central midfielders. He has beaten Chelsea twice this campaign by playing with a three-men back line while in the FA Cup final Dalglish decided to stay with the four-men defence. So he left out Andy Carroll and went for a 4-3-3 with Luis Suarez up top. Suarez struggled to score as the second striker behind a big man so Dalglish started with him as lone forward. But the best things happened when Dalglish, with Chelsea parking the bus, introduced the second forward to face the Blues. Dalglish likes to have a flexible team. What Dalglish does well is line up a reactive team, able to expose the rivals’ weaknesses. This is why he likes to switch patterns and because Liverpool has changed approaches many times this season.

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