mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Patience seems to don't be here

"I don't care, they can fire me tomorrow". Bani Yas coach Jorvan Vieira maintained a proud behavior despite a mounting criticism at the club following its 1-1 draw at Ajman in the UAE Pro League opener. Bani Yas lost three games and drawn two in its first five season games. Injuries and bad performances by some key players affected a team counting on David Trezeguet, Yousuf Jaber, Haboosh Saleh and Fawzi Basheer. There were a lot of positives from Ajman match but Bani Yas din't win. Team has troubles. Vieira usually had to train without key players as Amer Abdulrahman and Mohammed Fawzi, who were with the national teams. Winger Haboush Saleh has been injured. Team changed a lot of players this preseason. Last month, they lost the midfielder Theyab Awana in a tragic crash. On the field, things are far from good. David Trezeguet needs more support from his midfielders. 

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