lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Not yet the club Maradona wants

A 3-0 victory over Sharjah means nothing. Maradona  rubbished rumors  but there are issues between chairman Marwan bin Bayat and him, after the coach used his press conference before the Pro-League's start to air some grievances, including to say that his players are too tired because of day jobs. He also added to want players living in Dubai to come quickly to the training field. Al Wasl is not Argentina, where Diego was the only boss. Maradona was not enough involved in the recruitment of his players, and he had role in only two foreigners' acquistion, Argentine midfielder Mariano Donda and Uruguayan Juan Manuel Olivera. He showed that putting Chilean winger Edson Puch -- purchased by the club before Maradona's hiring -- on the bench.  Maradona also expressed concerns over the negotiations for Australian forward Richard Porta, who underwent a medical yesterday.

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