giovedì 8 settembre 2011

Well done, Theo!

Lebanon’s Theo Bucker, 63-year-old, is a happy man, despite a 0-6 defeat in the second round of the Brazil 2014 Asian Qualifiers opener against South Korea. After a 3-1 win over UAE in the second match, he puts Lebanon in an incredible situation, with three points earned after two games in the World Cup qualifying Group B. Bucker, which considers himself a "half-Lebanese", is currently also the coach of league and cup champions Al Ahed. The former Zamalek coach already had a first took to the national team in 2001. He continues the Asian trends to appoint European coaches for the national teams. Lebanon is regarded as the weakest team in the group B and they appeared to struggle, counting on only two professional players in Roda Antar and Youssef Mohammad. There is clearly a lack of talent in Lebanese football. The mission to rise up the Lebanese football level is difficult but Booler started with a victory that his side deserved.

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