lunedì 2 giugno 2014

About Michael Bradley position

The Yanks earned a 2-1 win after a though game against Turkey at Red Bull Arena in which UMSNT manager Jurgen Klinsmann made a tactical adjustment in the second half that made 4-4-2 diamond expendable. “What we needed to do earlier there was drop Michael Bradley there next to him in a flat four and not a diamond," Klinsmann told. That worked as Americans played better after the break. Is this the end of the diamond midfield experiment? Wait a moment. The diamond formation isn’t old enough to be already cut. It is still a work in progress with the Americans needing of time to make the adjustment. Sure, there are some issues with this formation as it allows opponent to give a lot of the pressure to a highly scrutinized defense. And a diamond midfield also showed a lack of sync in the middle of the pitch. But that which seemed to be really an issue here is the kind of player announced to play at the top of diamond. For the third consecutive game, Klinsmann opted for a 4-4-2 diamond midfield featuring Michael Bradley in the No. 10 spot. The actual problem is the conjunction between Bradley and the forwards, not to say about the lack of Bradley’s strong presence in front of the back four. Therefore, the bigger question is whether Bradley is suited for this position. Is TFC’s midfielder employed at his best playing behind the forwards? Former  USMNT defender Alexi Lalas said not. The experiment worked against Mexico but it doesn’t against Turkish. There is a feeling that putting Bradley over there is something the USMNT can do well sometimes but not a default they can employ effectively in every circumstances. A solution to maintain the 4-4-2 diamond could be to fill the playmaker spot with another player. Who? One between Brian Davis and Mix Diskerud. Specially Rosenborg’s midfielder could be an interesting option. The common sense is that Diskerud's value is as a key sub coming from the bench. But he looks ready for a major, key, role. Diskerud could become the man charged with the responsibility of the link play between midfield and attack. This is a role Diskerud played in the past. He could receive passes from the back to convert them into nice through, final balls, completing passes in the final third of the field. Diskerud’s insertion in the starting lineup could also allow to push Bradley down into a role that suits him better. At the end, USMNT manager didn’t give indications whether or not they will utilize the diamond again. I don’t know Klinsmann’s thoughts. But, for sure, between now and the Yanks' June 16 opener against Ghana Klinsmann has a lot to decide.

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