lunedì 19 agosto 2013

Mourinho changed way

José Mourinho started his first stint as Chelsea manager introducing a three-man midfield, a relative news for Premier League, lining up his team in a 4-3-3 formation. After the period spent with Real Madrid, Mourinho is back with new tactical ideas. We still have seen part of Portuguese’s classic game plan, as Chelsea dominated the opening minutes with an aggressive approach by forcing opponents to concede possession and as they rest with the ball to secure the lead. But overall Mourinho seemed more flexible, adopting a 4-2-3-1 in the 2-0 victory over Hull City, with Ramires and Frank Lampard utilized as central midfielders behind the offensive quartet. With Juan Mata out of shape, Mourinho asked the debutant Kevin De Bruyne to cut in from the right while Oscar was starting as the central playmaker and Eden Hazard filled the left forward spot. It was a fluid three interchanging positions as Hazard’s cutting in from the left combined with Oscar and De Bruyne's off-the-ball movements.  Hazard created six goal-scoring chances. All of them found space between the lines moving wide open or into deeper positions and all beneficed by the play of centre forward Fernando Torres which was acting like a true pivot or deep-lying forward and played better then stats dictate, although he disappeared after the break. They played a high tempo football and they could continue to play this way as Mourinho has six players for the three positions behind the centre forward to utilize within the game. He can utilize Hazard, Oscar, De Bruyne, Mata and André Schürrle the same way he did with Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil and Angel Di Maria in Madrid. "I've managed so many times here and won so many matches here but we've not had many periods like that for quality," Mourinho told. His Chelsea 2.0 is more similar to Real Madrid than his first Blues version.

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