lunedì 1 luglio 2013

Major overhaul yet for Chivas USA

We are about to see a huge overhaul of the Goats, for the umpteenth time. The club has declined contract options for midfielders Miller Bolaños and Laurent Courtois, and waived defender Joaquín Velázquez while forward Giovani Casillas has been recalled by CD Guadalajara. Bolaños has been on loan to Chivas USA from LDU Quito of Ecuador. Meanwhile, Casillas came to Chivas USA on loan from Guadalajara with Velázquez caming from Puebla FC. Bolaños loss is another setback for an offense that failed to produce since Juan Agudelo left. In the meantime, according to, forward Erick Torres is linked to a move to Chivas USA. Overhauling roster isn’t a good news for Jose Luis Real's work. Against New England, Chivas USA showed some improvement as they played much better in this game than they did the previous under new regime. Real implemented a new tactics, allowing opponents to retain ball control with Chivas sitting deep in the way to play on fast-break. This new tactical thought needs time to be installed. The main change Real made was to switch from a three-man back line to a flat four defence. Team is now lined up in a more conservative 4-1-4-1 formation. Inserting new player in a new scheme requires some time while at this point of the season newcomers will have to adapt quickly. But with Chivas at the bottom of the West with 12 just points it seems like the ownership is trying to rebuild for the next season. While Velázquez was out from Real’s plans, Courtois did a good against Revs and he was on the way to become a fan favourite so his release make no sense. About Torres, Chivas USA are looking for some help up front. Known as the 'new Chicharito', Erick Torres has been under Man Utd radar in the past. His scoring skills could help a depleted department as Chivas USA offense is.

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