martedì 10 luglio 2012

End of the run

So, Al Wasl ended Diego Maradona's tenure as coach. Despite a recent chairman statement that denied plans to sack the coach, a meeting of Al Wasl's board of directors opted to terminate Maradona's contract. A trophyless season sealed his fate. It was not just a lack of discipline through this season that lead to part the ways. It was a technical failure with the team that finished eighth in the 12-team league. The club's hopes to come back to the top of the table was nullified. Team were physically exhausted at the end of the season. But also the relationship between Maradona and the board of directors was faulty after Maradona blamed a lack of money to buy the needed players. But not all the blame has to be put on Maradona's shoulders. Al Wasl failed to give him technical gifted players: all the guys that was coming during last summer were from Division One sides. Al Wasl Football Company haven't buy the right players to improve the team. The whole club showed inability to deal with the UAE’s professional era. Al Wasl had problems preceding Maradona’s arrival. The decision to terminate the Argentine’s contract was easy but the whole club needs of a turmoil.

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