martedì 27 marzo 2012

History of a failure

A dramatic 3-3 draw between the U.S. Under-23 national team and El Salvador and the young Americans failed to capture the the Olympics. The creativity of Freddy Adu wasn't enough. It’s a painful moment, it's a missed opportunity. The idea to don't see the Under-23s in London  was unimaginable. But it happened and raised some questions. For the United States, Olympic soccer is important because, unlike European and South American players, it's a great chance to improve the experience of its players. The Olympics offer a rare chance for younger players to improve. The U-23s wast this chance. About the coaching job, U-23 head-coach Caleb Porter will return to his job at the University of Akron. How good is to have a part-time head coach in a such important place? How good are the young men from this generation? The result exposed the lack of defensive depth. Ike Opara was a mess throughout the tournament; Perry Kitchen faced rough days against Canada and El Salvador; Kofi Sarkodie was poor; Jorge Villafaña showed to have to grow to succeed at this level. Individual errors on defense aren't Porter's fault.

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